Manufactured in UK

VEGAN formula



EASY TO USE – Intensive care for your poor cracked heels. This light lotion with 25% Urea does a great job of binding moisture into your skin and softening your dry skin. Your feet will look and feel amazing the first time you use it. Apply Heel Appeal liberally on the affected area of the heel’s morning and evening until the cracks mend and disappear, then move on to Feet Treat for your routine maintenance product. Use in partnership with B-Line Erase as an intensive care program for sever cracked heels.


Use as an intensive care product until the skin condition improves then switch over to B-Line Feet Treat.


KEY INGREDIENTS – Urea 25%, essential oils of Tea Tree and vegetable glycerine

PROPERTIES – anti-bacterial, reduces inflammation, calms, and softens the skin. Promotes skin healing and improves skin condition, natural dry skin exfoliator, deeply moisturising and suitable for all skin types

B-Line Heel Appeal