Manufactured in UK

VEGAN formula



EASY TO USE – The perfect pick me up for tired tootsies. Spray directly on to your feet and legs even into your shoes for an immediate refresh. Even if you are wearing tights, just spray on to your legs and feet for an instantly refreshing feeling that lasts. Your feet and legs will feel soothed, cooled, and deodorised. This is the perfect product for busy people who are on their feet all day and who suffer from tired, heavy legs and swollen ankles. Perfect for the gym bag or travelling as well as daily use for the whole family.

KEY INGREDIENTS – Essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender,

PROPERTIES – Cooling and soothing, alleviates bacteria, controls secretions, deodorises unpleasant odours, helps to maintain skins’ natural moisture levels, provides a strong antiseptic and anti-bacterial skin barrier

B-Line Foot Spray