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VEGAN formula




EASY TO USE – Use regularly to help to keep your skin silky soft and smooth. We use bamboo powder as a natural exfoliant effect to remove dead skin cells and stimulate your skins microcirculation.  Apply daily to dry or damp skin. Use circular movements on the heels, soles of feet, elbows, knees etc, anywhere you feel your skin is dry or dull. Remove excess with a damp cloth, then apply B-Line Feet Treat to moisturise

KEY INGREDIENTS – Essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender, Bamboo powder.

PROPERTIES – A highly effective exfoliant for the feet and body using bamboo powder to improve the microcirculation and cell renewal, smoothing the skins texture and leaving the skin feeling nourished and primed for cream application.

B-Line Body & Sole Exfoliant


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